Monday, February 18, 2008


With less than a chapter to write on ye olde WIP, what did I opt for instead this past Sunday?

Why, cleaning out my make-up drawers, natch.

Ah, yes...a veritable treasure trove. Picture this: two skinny drawers, side-by-side, one deeper drawer below. Here are some the nuggets contained therein:

Eighty shades of blue, purple, and green eye shadow.
Assortment of leadless eye pencils
Approximately 12 compacts, all the wrong shade
Lonely earrings without their mates
Lighters long past their usefulness
Three term papers from graduate school (I know. In my make-up drawer.)
Signed escrow papers. (I know. In my make-up drawer.)
Tossles (tassles?) from three graduation ceremonies: high school, BS and MS. (When I found the first one, I got ready to toss it; however when I discovered the complete set, I figured I was meant to keep them--I mean, what are the ODDS I'd still have all three? I know. And in my make-up drawer.)
A bracelet made entirely of safety pins.
A million Q-tips.
Many, many, dried-out, used-up, tubes of mascara. (Okay, I know what you're thinking: why not get rid of 'em as I replace 'em? Here's my reasoning: sometimes the current tube gets so bad, you wish you had it predecessor 'cuz you're pretty sure it still had more goop in it. Ya just never know.)
Numerous baggies containing freebies--sample lipsticks, lotions, balms. (Toss, toss, toss.)
A receipt for the bus between airports in Argentina
A spiral notebook--blank except for three pages of notes from the first day of a vacation in 1995
Pair of mittens, still joined together by the plastic thingy
Random shoelaces
Exercise band

And last, but certainly not least--and my personal favorite, by far--a tube of prescription acne cream with a date of June 6, 1983.

D'ya think it's expired?


Reagan said...

Sounds like it was a worthwhile detour! I feel better already just hearing about the cleaning out. :)

Carol B. said...

Ditto on the mascara tubes. It's true. Ya just never know!

And you might oughta hang on to that acne cream - it's practically an antique now. LOL.