Thursday, July 10, 2008

Are Ya Kiddin' Me?

My morning blog tour took me here via Diana Peterfreund's entry from yesterday. If you scroll down on that first link, you'll come upon Cover Cafe's dubious winner for "Worst Cover of the Year." Well, folks...I submit you can add "Worst Title Of the Year" to the list of accolades this book's likely to garner. And in case you're too busy, too lazy, or too disinterested to click over, let me just spoil the surprise: the title is "Big Spankable Asses." It's an anthology of three novellas, and it's an honest-to-god book. Y'know. Like one you can hold in your hand. Pictured on the cover is a woman sporting a white teddy lifted to reveal the right butt cheek (is butt cheek one word, or two?), and a garter belt on her left thigh. Apparently, the theme that ties the three stories together is that each heroine is looking for a man who knows the meaning of BSA (hence, the title). Little House On The Prairie, this ain't.

I'm not here to bash authors. This could be a perfectly enjoyable book...but, um...well, like they say, any publicity is GOOD publicity, right? If so, I guess I just did my part to promote "Big Spankable Asses."

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