Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day One

Cancellations, delays, and earthquakes...oh, my!

Seriously. There were moments yesterday when I NEVER thought I'd get here. After two flight cancellations, I was now scheduled to leave at one. So there I was, leaning into the front seat of my car to haul out my luggage...and I was all WTF??? Why is someone bouncing my car up and down? (Literally, I thought I'd look up to find some big ol' thug messing with me.) But when I looked around, I was completely alone. Not another human in sight. Yet my car was still jumping all over the place.

Aha. Earthquake.

By the time I hopped on the shuttle, I'd accessed CNN news on my cell phone (thanks, Marty--for teaching me how to do that!) so I knew the what's and where's. All a seasoned earthquake person needs to know is the magnitude and the epicenter, so I was good.

Arrived at the terminal to discover my flight (though not cancelled!) was delayed until 2:15, so I holed up at the bar and watched the nonstop coverage of that bottle of mayo that spilled in Chino Hills. Fascinating.

Anyway, bottom line, I made it. More stories to follow!

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