Monday, July 28, 2008

Proof That National Starts On Wednesday

My email volume dropped to snooze level over the weekend. Something tells me that instead of sitting in front of their computers, the romance writing community is busy with last-minute laundry, stuffing suitcases, and leaving frantic instructions with husbands on how to feed the children.

'Course that's not the case here at Randy Central. I haven't done laundry yet, haven't decided what clothes I'm taking, and can barely remember which airline to show up at tomorrow morning.

What? Me worry?

I'm pitchless, remember?

Yep, hands steady enough to serve hot coffee at 20,000 feet without spilling a drop (y'know...if I were so inclined.)

And the fact that I'm up an hour early this morning should in no way be construed as evidence that I'm indeed getting a tad jumpy.

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