Friday, August 15, 2008

Color Me Californian

So last night, upstairs in my bedroom, I'm watching women's gymnastics "live" (yeah, right--thanks, NBC), and I see a flash of light outside the window.

Damn neighbors, I think.

They're always tinkering with boats, motorcycles, cars--you name it--and at all hours of the night. Must be doing test drives, hanging U-eys in the middle of the cul-de-sac.

I continue watching amazing feats on the uneven bars.

Over the next hour, I see the flash of light several more times. Finally, I decide it's NOT the neighbors--it's the street lamp with a short. I even get up to peek out the window for investigation. Hm. Strong, steady, beam.

At one-twenty, I switch off the TV, exhausted from my contribution--clenched jaw, taut muscles, adrenaline-laced heart--to winning the all-around gold. (Yay, me!)

Another flash of light.

And um...what's that....? THUNDER?


I get it now.

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