Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Golden Freebie

If you read between the lines of my posts regarding the giveaways at National, you probably "get" that I'm usually a little less-than-thrilled. Don't get me wrong. It's not anyone's fault that most of the books just aren't a genre I care about, and I'm sure they each have merit. Still, in the last couple years, I've been disappointed by the contemporary offerings.

Until San Francisco.

Yippee! At the second lunch, we scored a copy of Skinny Dipping by Connie Brockway, and I finished reading it this week. LOVED IT.

Okay, in the interest of full disclosure, I admit the setting gripped me from the start. I mean, hello! A lake in Minnesota--cousin Lindsay, are you paying attention?? And the heroine wasn't some mindless 23-year old, she was a mature 41. The bonus? She was of Norwegian descent, just like me!

I instantly fell in love with the supporting cast of characters, and who wouldn't? There's the brainy-but-awkward Prescott who also happens to be the hero's adult son. There's the hero himself--a guy whose backstory Brockway handles with such finesse, she left me in awe. Even the three adopted canines had more character depth than I see in a lot of books.

Funny and poignant--Skinny Dipping weaves together an intricate web of plot threads designed to remind us how enriched our lives are when we preserve fragile familial links from generation to generation.

At least that's what it meant to me.

Okay, stop reading blogs and go pick up a copy of Skinny Dipping by Connie Brockway.

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