Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More Pics and Fun Times

I have to admit that in my old age, I've developed anti-photo-itis. Meaning, I'm not quick to act when it comes to pictures in which I might have to appear. Consequently, I forget to take pix of others as well. However, I did manage to click a couple here and there. Here are Jacqui Jacoby and Ann Marie Becker.

Next we have the mysterious disappearance of fabulous author and all-around great friend, Janet Mullaney. Those long signings are hell on the bladder, eh Janet?

Oh! She's back! Cool!

Here's the annual group photo of the "Acme Girls" with an honorary member or two. From L to R: TWO-TIME Golden Heart Finalist Kelly Ann Riley, Brooke Wills, Stacy (?), Jacqui Jacoby, ME, and Anna (?). Geez, I really should get better about last names, huh?

And finally, authors Dawn McClure and Maureen Child who asked me to take this picture since they didn't have a working camera! (And yes, I kept myself organized enough to find Dawn's business card stuffed in my purse, so I've already dutifully sent this off.)

See? That's it for the people pictures. Oh, sure I took SEVERAL at the Chick Lit chapter party, but alas I screwed up a camera setting and they all came out blurry. Oh, wait. Maybe blurry is accurate! There was a lot of free-flowing wine and, um, those pomegranite martinis...well...

Tomorrow some FABU photos of scenery taken at the Bantam-Dell Party.

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