Thursday, August 07, 2008

Cool Party!

As the interview coordinator for Romance Junkies, my friend Brooke received an invitation to the Bantam-Dell soiree, held this year at The Water Bar--an uber-chic place to "hang" in San Francisco!

Okay, prepare yourself. You're about to O.D. on Bay Bridge photos. Forgive me. I couldn't help it. At least I'll spare you the artsy one I took of it reflecting back from the window...

Anyway, we had a blast talking to old conference friends like agent Lucienne Diver and author Larissa Ione. Plus we made the acquaintance of agent Laurie McLean who gave us a thrill when she dashed to her car for business cards! And we met Lucienne's fascinating client, author Sarah Hoyt.

Alas, the party came to an end. Picture Brooke and I standing at the curb, taxis whizzing past. Brooke turns to a group behind us and (only half-joking) says: "Any of you from New York?" A woman breaks from the pack, steps into the street, and hails us a cab. As we climb in, one of the pack yells, "Hey, did you know a literary agent just got you a taxi?"

Okay. A literary agent got us a's a start, huh? Next, a contract!

If only we knew the identity of our mysterious benefactor!

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