Monday, August 18, 2008

From The Vaults

In typical true schizo fashion, I'm having a helluva time starting a new book. As in, writing one, of course. First, it turns out that having a great title doesn't necessarily spark an idea from an ember to a full-fledged fire, er, book. Second, having a great premise...well, ditto. As my nephew would say: "Frat boys find themselves holed up in ocean front mansion...high-jinx ensue." It's the high jinx ensue part that has me stymied on both story ideas.

Meanwhile, I was browsing around my computer and stumbled on a file from a couple years ago. Guess what? It's 150 pages worth of not bad. Great title, great premise...and, hey! Promising high-jinx!

Hence the latest plan. Complete unfinished book from--what? 3? 4 years ago??--while still mentally plotting other options to get ready for NaNo in November.

Let the high jinx begin!

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