Thursday, July 13, 2006

From The TBB Pile...

As in…the "to be blogged" pile. Not that I really have one. Well, not a real one where I keep a list of topics just waiting for my erudite thoughts and crackling wit. Still…some stuff hangs around in my mind, and today I'm doing clearance.

Let’s start with the motto of this post: Don’t EVER throw anything away. Why? Because, sooner or later, the government might pay you for it.

Case in point:

In my day job, I’m signed up to receive, via email, automatic notifications of government solicitations for equipment it wishes to purchase. One of the sites I’m registered with is the Navy Electronic Commerce Online system.

Now, I’m fully aware that not all of you have any reason to be signed up with them; hence my public service today.

Yes, I’m here to make sure you know that the Naval Medical Center has issued Solicitation N0025906T0118 dated July 5, 2006 for an item with the Federal Supply Classification Number 6640.

In other words, they’re looking for a guinea pig cage. Hell, we've all got one or two of those gathering dust in our garage, right?

Now, the closing date is July 21 and the solicitation is 22 pages long, so I thought I’d better give you ample notice to get your bid ready.

Clicking here will take you to the on-line bid form and associated documents containing all the pertinent clauses regarding your accounting practices, your child labor practices, your promise not to sell to terrorists, etc.

But since I know your time is valuable, I’m pasting the description below.

PLASTIC CAGE for Guinea Pig
Cage configuration: 2W X 4H, Cage Dimensions: 25"W X 25"D X 9.5"H, Overall dimensions: 58"H X 61"W X 31"D.
P/N: GPP408P
1" square tubular stainless steel open rack, high temperature plastic cages feature smooth dimpled surface with 3/8" diameter perforations and larger square openings where guinea pig waste tends to build up, all stainless steel cage front is removable and holds feeder unit, optional water bottle and integrated card holder. Standard equipment includes stainless steel rack, 8 high temperature plastic (Noryl ENG265) perforated cages with matching excreta pans, electro-polished stainless steel cage front assembly with stainless steel feed hopper and provisions for water bottle and holder. Include Edstrom stainless steel automatic watering system with reduced flow valves and drip troughs. Standard castors are 5" stainless steel housings with Kriptonic wheels-two with brakes, all zerks.
FOB: Destination
MILSTRIP: N0025961284961

Like I said, you’ll need to complete 22 pages of forms to accompany your bid, so best get cracking.

Good luck and happy selling!

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Anonymous said...

Notice Part Number,P/NGPP408P,
which indicates that such an item
has been previous purchased.

Appears to be a single sourced item ... no competitive bidding.