Monday, July 31, 2006

What Are The Odds?

It’s about 8 a.m. Sunday morning. My friend Brooke and I are waiting, bleary-eyed, for a taxi out in front of the Marriott. The valet asks if we mind sharing.

We shrug. Who cares?

I spy a slender young woman standing alone. When the cab arrives, she graciously offers to sit shotgun.

On the way to the airport, we chat. We get around to discussing my sale to Triskelion. She mentions she’s been hearing a lot about them. As we talk, it dawns on me that I know who this woman is. She’s the editor who requested a partial of Stealing Amy the same day Triskelion asked for the full! She’s the one I was too chicken to approach in person when she spoke at a regional conference.

“Don’t I recognize you from Desert Dreams in Scottsdale?” I ask. “Aren’t you an editor with _____?”

Yep, she’s the one. So, I tease her. I TEASE her with how she missed out! (Oh, the audacity!!)

We chat some more and arrive at the Delta terminal; I’m going on to American. While Brooke and I scramble for our contribution to the fare, the editor hands the guy some money, then turns to us: “It’s taken care of,” she says with a smile.

Okay, sure I'd heard the rumors that editors are human and not really scary at all. But generous, too??


Toni Anderson said...

Love your RWA thoughts Randy :)

randy said...

Thanks, Toni! My brain's still working hard to unscramble and remember them!

Carol B. said...

Looking back, don't you wonder if you should have asked her what she'd heard? ;-)