Friday, July 28, 2006

Sensory Overload

Oh. My. God.

So many many memories, and it's only Friday night!

I wish I could take the time (I wish I had the energy!) to do it all justice, but alas...I'm in my room, trying to get a good night's sleep so I can hit some good workshops tomorrow. Suffice to say, I've hiked all over downtown Atlanta (in 4" heels no less), met so many wonderful people (from parking lot attendants to multipubbed authors), and have ingested my share of alcoholic beverages and high calorie food.

Oh well!

For now, let me recount my favorite memory so far (and I'm combining a few into one): women who've noticed my "first sale" ribbon and ACTUALLY ASKED FOR MY CARD, WRITTEN DOWN THE NAME OF MY BOOK ON THE BACK, AND PROMISED TO LOOK FOR IT WHEN IT COMES OUT.

Okay, so that just felt waaaaay cool and is, obviously, a whole new experience.

So many other stories to share...the Bantam Dell/Ballantine party at the Ritz Carlton...cocktails on top of the Westin as we circled the city...did I mention walking all over downtown in 4" heels?

Next stop when I get home: hip replacement surgery.

Okay. Really. Off to get some sleep!!!

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