Saturday, July 01, 2006

Living On A Dark Continent

Okay, that does it. I’m convinced. Somehow, my neighborhood−which includes (within a 5-mile radius) Will Smith, Heather Locklear, and others−is nevertheless a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. That’s the only explanation for ANOTHER POWER OUTTAGE.

I mean, seriously folks. If we all had the time (and inclination) to go back through this blog, how often do I lose the juice? Once a month? Twice a month? (Let’s not even count how often the cable dies.) And, may I point out, when it goes, it FRIGGIN’ GOES??

Tonight, it went out around six. Uncharacteristically (VERY) I was in the middle of a lot of STUFF. The A/C was on, both the washer and dryer, the computer, and two televisions. At first I thought…oops. May have blown a circuit breaker. (Do I need to point out that the fact I even know I HAVE such a thing is astounding?) So, I walked out the door to check and saw another neighbor doing the same thing. Okay. Bingo. Power’s out for real.

Like I said, not much chance of it coming back on in a blink (as in a power surge which, most of you are probably more accustomed to) so I made a few overdue phone calls (friends, family) then said, CRAP. Might as well go out for the evening.

Flash forward−after meeting a very nice man at a bar−arrive home around 11:30 thinking SURELY the power will be back on by now.

Uh, no.

Made myself half a sandwich in the dark (HADN’T HAD DINNER) and tucked myself into bed with the radio…tuned to that AM crap which consists (at this time of night) red state people recounting their alien abduction stories. Turned that off pretty quickly.

Tossed. Turned.

Just about to get to sleep when….WHOOOOAAAAA. Lights on! Television blaring! Yep, the power’s back on. Which would be really, really, welcome….except, now I have to get up and finish doing the laundry.

Oh…and download my email in which somebody’s dropped an 8 mb message…and I’m on dial-up.

Ya think Will and Heather have these problems?

P.S. At least I had that whole garage door/front door problem ironed out, huh?


Marty said...

I attribute all your power outages to the alleged global warming and the warming romance chapters of your new upcoming best selling book.....

Brooke said...

Wow...Marty could be on to a whole new marketing idea here... get together with your local power company and especially those cable TV guys to buy a boatload of your books and distribute them right BEFORE they cut the power... A whole new group of readers for ya!!!!

Of course, I was quite impressed that you had a radio with batteries that actually ran the AM radio, if only for a couple of minutes before you turned it off in disgust...