Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Topics I considered blogging about today but didn’t dredge up enough content (not to mention energy) for:

1. Critique groups: the pros and cons
2. Rediscovering the groove: how hard it is to get back in the swing of writing
3. Gambling: who knew penny slots could be fun?
4. The Korean missile tests: Happy 4th of July!
5. Chick Lit: when the genre you’re currently writing in has reportedly received last rights
6. Creativity: Which parts are inborn, which are possible to learn?
7. Establishing a web presence: the search for a pithy catch phrase
8. Author self-promotion on writer/reader loops: worth wading through 1000+ emails a day?
9. Time for a new me (again): a plan to resurrect my previous (note I didn’t use the word OLD) body
10. The new and improved personal to-do list

See what you missed?

On second thought, y’all could probably write the entries yourselves.

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