Wednesday, July 12, 2006

News Flash--Randy Calls Jenny

As in Craig, not Crusie.

Yep Called the 800 number on the Web site, and guess what? Kirstie answered! Oh, wait—guess it was a recording, but it made me smile as she lowered her voice to a conspiratorial whisper and said to be sure and try to the chocolate cake.

Yes, folks. I decided to get off my fat a$$ and stop the menopausal spiral into hell before it’s too late. Before I need to lose 30 pounds instead of 15. Before my granny arms become lethal weapons at sporting events.

Before I give up all hope of ever indulging in another romantic relationship.

Sound shallow?

So be it. I’m shallow.

Hi, my name is Randy. I’m shallow.

Deal with it.

Stay tuned for progress reports. The battle of the bulge starts Tuesday.


Carol B. said...

Well, I'm down 16 pounds and holding, but would rather turn loose of that much more.

John said...

Do we get to see before and after pics?

randy said...

Wow, Carol! That's fabulous! Trust me, I know what an accomplishment SIXTEEN pounds is...I've been gaining and losing about the same amount my whole life!

John...hopefully, WHEN I succeed, I'll post a new profile picture and you'll be able to tell the difference just by how skinny my FACE has gotten *g*