Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Lazy Girl's Route To Brainstorming

Jenny Crusie fans are familiar with her use of collages to brainstorm her fabulous books. Well, I was browsing her blog the other night and discovered she's found some software for making them on the computer. As soon as I saw the picture, I thought: THIS IS FOR ME.

See, I'm not an artistic person; I don't do well with glue sticks and scissors. But I AM kinda visual. I ACHE to see stuff pictorially, which is why I also like spreadsheets. Anyway, I hunted up the software but, dammit, apparently it's only available for MAC users.

But...but...there MUST be something for us PC slackers, right? I surfed around but didn't find anything suitable.

Finally thought about the way I make my web pages on sitebuilder. Hm. Yeah, I thought, that might work. (Okay, so later, my CP's said I could have done the same thing using MS Word. Duh, they were right.)

Anyway, view the result here at my website (click on the link that comes up in the box). It's not finished, but it represents my WIP...yeah, that one without the title. (Oh, and it may take a moment to load 'cuz it's lots of pictures.)

Fun though, huh?

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