Friday, April 20, 2007

This Just In...

Forget those smoothies from Jamba Juice.

Throw out all that wheat germ crap.

And, dammit, Blogreader Joe, if I hear you're still knocking back spirulina....when you could be making those free radicals behave and boosting your antioxidant capacity by drinking none other than...FROU-FROU COCKTAILS complete with gaily decorated paper umbrellas!

Okay, I'm not joshing ya, folks. It's all there in black and white in my LA Times today. A joint study conducted by U.S. and Thai researchers (bless their hearts), and reported in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. In their attempt to find a way to keep strawberries fresh, they added alcohol, and voila! Instant health drink!

I'd keep writing...but I'm off to fight cancer with a strawberry margarita.

Wow. Some days are just exceptional, aren't they?

1 comment:

Carol B. said...

I'm in awe of the Thai AND your dedication to good health. :-D