Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So, time's a-wasting...are your taxes signed, sealed, and off to the mailbox? (Or, better yet, winging their way through cyberspace?)

I tried. I really did. Turns out Turbo-tax doesn't like Windows 98 (which, of course, they neglected to mention until I'd PAID for and DOWNLOADED the damn thing). Next, I noticed they had an on-line version for us morons still using the antiquated operating system. Fine, I'd use it.

Only, it's next-to-impossible, because the on-line software doesn't let you override stuff. Doesn't let you go directly to a form and fill stuff in. So, for example, I'd have to go back to day one and input all the historical data on my real estate rentals to get the proper depreciation. Ugh.

Next I tried other on-line services. Just give me the forms, I cried. All I want are the forms.

No way. (Except for California State--they provide a nice little fill-in-the-blanks PDF version you can complete and print. Not save, mind you. Still...)

Anyway, I guess I'm finished. I basically did it all by hand. Manually. (I know...plenty of room for errors, huh?) But, the truth is, I only came up with one bottom line number...unlike last year, where each time I attacked it brought forth a new result.

Guess it's time to take the deep breath and put in the mail.

And hope for the best.

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