Friday, September 28, 2007

Good News

This just in via email...

Dear Beloved,

I am Mrs.Ganeshwary Ajith Kumar from the war torn district of Jaffna in
Sri Lanka{which i suppose you know about} with my 6 year old son. I am
married to a contractor here who happened to loose his life in the war
zone because he is opposed to the rebel group. Since the death of my
husband and my 15 year old daughter things have not been the same.
We managed to get ourselves in the Chavakachcheri division of Jaffna
peninsula where we have been in a camp with more or less to eat and
drink. I have been making some arrangement to leave here with my son
and relocate to another country but it is not easy because i have no
money with me. I have a consignment which contains cash and other
valuables that my late husband always tell me about that he deposited
in a security firm in Europe which i will require your assistance to
get so that i could make haste and leave this war torn zone. I really
need the content of this consignment because for you to get out of here
safely you have to pay heavy money to the rebels so that they will
guide you safely to a safe zone and i have nothing on me to do that
that is why i contacted you to assist me get the consignment so that i
could make arrangements to leave this place.

At the moment my only means of communication is through my laptop which
i have with me here {because there is free internet connection around
here} We are afraid of leaving this camp because of constant shelling
and fighting outside. Please i will like you to assist me to have a
safe and better life and also for many more others that are here whom i
want to help get out of here too. I will forever be grateful to you for
helping me and for this kindness.

I will inform you more when i hear from you.

God Bless
Mrs. Ganeshwary Ajith Kumar

Okay, IMAGINE my surprise at my good fortune, because I also got this today:


In a drive to ensure the safety of my family's fund for
Investment and safe keeping, I wish to inform you that
all necessary modalities have been concluded and the funds
have left to Europe last week by Express Cargo Flight
(Diplomatic Delivery Agency).
Note carefully the content of the crates is money \"U.S Dollar $14 Million
Cash\" but I did not disclose it to the Courier
Services as Money, rather I informed them that the crates
belonging to a family friend and also business partner
(that's you).

Please get back to me as soon as possible with your full
names, address and phone numbers so that I can give you
the shipment document and full contact information of the
diplomatic company so that you may open up a communication
with them to confirm the status and when the trunks would
be delivered to you.

Note that the deposit papers are ready and will be forwarded in due course.

Truly Yours,

Prince Mohammed A.

I mean, what are the ODDS that God would smile on me TWICE in one day? And, how...out of the ALL the people on the planet, did these people find ME?? See, I just KNEW when I informed that wrong number guy about the whole Mario thing the other day, the good KARMA would come back to me.

Can't wait to help these poor people out and collect my cash!

Oh, and I hear there's a bridge in Brooklyn I may be interested in....

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