Monday, September 24, 2007

What's New?

Anybody miss me? (Besides Blogreader John, that is?)

Sigh. Sometimes life gets overwhelming in Randyville, y'know? First, there was the Daddy-crisis. Ups and downs there, but (crossing fingers) we're back on the upswing.

Then there was a bit of disappointing writing news. Don't feel comfortable sharing it here, but suffice to say, things were moving forward, then they hit a brick wall.

Anyway, so on Friday evening, I made plans to meet Blogreader Joe at the usual spot for cocktails and "catching up." As I pulled out of my driveway, I thought: "This will be really nice--a way to feel like life's getting back to normal."



I answer. It's my brother.

(Remember that rain I was looking forward to? Well, did I mention the timing wasn't great since we're in the middle of putting a new roof on the building at work?, it isn't finished?)


Niagara Falls is cascading onto our tenant's finished goods.


My brother frantically asks me to come help move stuff. I give a thought to my four-inch heels and "nightclub attire." Oh, well. I throw the engine in park, dash inside for tennis shoes, tear back out to the car, run over to the bar to tell cellphone-less Joe I'll be back whoknowswhen, and race down the freeway toward Simi.

Halfway there, my brother calls to say never mind.


Well, I'm already almost there, so I proceed. When I arrive, about six people are sitting around chatting. Apparently, I've missed the panic phase. There's still a pump to be found, though. And an employee who'll know where it is.

I locate the employee, get the info, pay my dues...yada, yada...and get the hell out of there.

Never a dull moment lately.

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John said...

See, you have a nice day job.