Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Crisis At Randy Central

This is serious, folks.

Not one, but TWO televisions DOWN! I mean, y'all can understand the urgency, right? Remember when I almost climbed through the phone to throttle the cable lady?

Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

It started about a week ago when the downstairs Sony went letterbox. Yep. Everything squished into an oblong. (Okay, so there's an upside when America's top models look short and fat--but try watching a Lakers-Celtic final that way.) I coped as best I could.

Last night, I settled into bed for my customary eleven o'clock Friends episode--the one that usually lulls me to sleep--and noticed something odd. A light seemed to be coming from the bathroom. Strange, I thought...why had I never noticed this before? I even got up to investigate.

Everything appeared normal.

Slid back into bed and that's when it hit me. Joey was carrying about something inane--as Joey is wont to do--but there was no friggin' picture!

Panic set in. I mean, I'll freely admit it: I'm an addict when it comes to falling asleep with the television on. In fact, the situation was so desperate, I got out of bed for a SECOND time...and fiddled with the whosis and the whatnot on the controls.

Still no picture.

Audio, loud and clear, thank you very much, but no picture.

Then I relaxed a bit. After all, I don't actually WATCH the tube at night. I merely listen with my eyes closed.

I can live like this...for the time being. One set for watching (albeit with a squint), and the other for listening.

That economic stimulus check arrived just in time.

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