Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sex And The City

Yep. Saw it last night.

But since I believe ANY info on an unseen movie is too much, I'll keep my comments here pretty general to avoid spoilers.

So, the verdict? Um...yeah...I enjoyed it. I guess. (A ringing endorsement, huh?) I admit I had my writer's hat on so I overly-analyzed to the max. Couldn't help it. Call it an occupational hazard. But when there's NO CONFLICT whatsoever in the first thirty minutes, ya tend to notice. And when the eventual conflict is revealed and winds up being based on an extremely flimsy premise, ya get a little pissed. (Really. It was one of those geez, a simple conversation could probably clear this up.)

Don't get me wrong--the writers also got a whole lot right. (Again, I'm gonna have to lay off the specifics so as not to give too much away.) Suffice to say, on average I chuckled every couple minutes, guffawed about every twenty, and had one or two episodes where I threw back my head in laughter.

I kinda expected more.

The rest of my party LOVED the movie--including the lone male (eek! a male!) who reportedly teared up in spots. Which goes to show that a movie or book CAN work without all the so-called proper elements.

Still...I see a lost opportunity here. I didn't want the movie to merely work--I wanted it to be great. Something I'd wanna watch again (especially since I promised two more groups of friends I'd see it with them).

Am I wrong? Am I missing the boat?

You be the judge.

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