Tuesday, June 03, 2008

They Reached Out and Annoyed


I pick up the phone.

"Hello...this is Ace Carpet Cleaning with--"


I click over.

"Hello...this is ABC Mortgage Company and you--"

"Funny," I say. "I just put one telemarketer on hold for another. What're the odds?"


Later, I'm watching the third of the political speeches tonight--which makes it the Obama speech.


I pick up the phone.

"Hello...this is Amy calling from the Republican Party, and I'm doing a poll. If the election were held tonight, do you know who you'd vote for?"

"Well Amy," I say, "since Obama's in the middle of his speech right now, I can't really say I've decided."

"Really?" she gushes. "They're on TV right now? Which station? Is it a regular channel or is it one of the cable ones?"

"Actually, it's on CNN, Fox, and MSNBC."

"Do you think it'll be on the other channels later tonight?"

Wait...did she call to get the TV schedule?

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