Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What Time Is It?

It's SQUEE time! That's right, folks. Sold another short story to True Romance Magazine. I hadn't submitted anything in awhile--don't know why except maybe I've been pre-occupied with novelly stuff. Anyway, my title for this one is "My Latin Lover"--ooh, sounds exotic, huh? I wasn't sure a multicultural story set outside the US would fly, but SURPRISE. Guess they do.

In other non-writing-related news...TA-DA! By the time I get home, hell will have frozen over. Well, perhaps I exaggerate. Let's just say it'll be ARCTIC chez moi for the first time in 3 (or is it FOUR???) years.

The downside? No more whining about how I can't write when it's 110 upstairs and I'm dripping on the keyboard.

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