Friday, June 27, 2008

Shh--Don't Tell Anyone

For complicated reasons, I was gonna keep this a secret. Well, not a secret exactly. Just unconnected. Oh, hell...forget the explanations. Here's the deal:

Lights! Camera! Love! is my latest manuscript. (I know. I still hate the title. What do you think of Daphne In TVland? Or, how about Wag the Blog?) Oh, wait. Maybe I should be more clear on what it's about.

*Clears throat*

Waiting for her big break, aspiring sitcom writer Daphne Smith is bored. So bored, in fact, she's taken to blogging as fictional seductress, Sexy Sascha, a woman out to woo a famous movie mogul. Yes! That Sexy Sascha--the one at! Hey, it's seemingly harmless and a great way for Daphne to live out fantasies about her boss, the dreamy but oh-so-unattainable Josh Swenson. So what if "Sascha's" tales of lust have become the talk of Tinsletown? Daphne's a mere peon at JRT Studios, and more like Ugly Betty than Sexy Sascha, so who's gonna connect the dots?

But someone does. Someone with a grudge. Anonymous threats appear on Sascha's blog, and a series of "accidents" seem designed to make Daphne look suicidal, psycho, or both.

Just as the man of her dreams offers her the TV job of a lifetime, is Daphne doomed to be cancelled...permanently?

Okay, did y'all notice that blog address??? That's the BIG SECRET! I've started blogging as Sexy Sascha...y' help promote the manuscript.

So check it out...and remember, our lips are sealed.

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