Thursday, August 25, 2005

Blog Block

Lately I’ve been at a loss for what to blog about. (Gee, have ya noticed?) So, I decided to filch an idea from another blogger and describe to you what’s on my desk. That’s when it came to me that perhaps my desk is the source of my blog block. It’s so cluttered with crap, no wonder I can’t put coherent sentences together. Oh, well. Here goes. Try not to yawn too audibly. Let’s play “What’s On Randy’s Desk?”

1. Unopened mail. My motto: why open mail today that can be opened tomorrow? Better yet, next week? It’s all junk anyway. Presumably.

2. The mystery stack. This consists of files, memos, a phone book, and assorted other BS I’m either too lazy to file or don’t know what to do with. Currently, it’s about a foot high.

3. Vendor giveaway clock with a place for pictures. People keep asking me who those Asian children are and I have to explain they came included.

4. Box of small binder clips. Ostensibly purchased for Bemco’s use, but I steal them for my manuscript submissions and contest entries.

5. Bottle of ibuprofen. I never take anything for a headache, but my brother can’t take them anymore so he foisted them off on me. No doubt they’ll sit there for as long as…

6. The three bottles of vitamins. Pushed off to the side, they probably expired years ago. I don’t even know what kind they are.

7. A dinner bell from Jamaica. On top of the dinner bell is a bunny hand puppet.

8. Assorted CD’s. Some of them even in their jewel case. Playing right now: Eva Cassidy.

9. A computer camera. I don’t know what else to call it. It’s one of those thingies that allow people to view you over the internet and came free with something my dad ordered off the TV. No, it’s not on.

10. A picture of my dad from WWII next to the P-38 he flew.

11. A picture of my dad with my late dog, Kody. (Please note, there are other photos on my desk, but they’ve slipped and slid to the point where they are now buried under debris. But, I’m sure there are pix of my great nieces and nephews. Somewhere.)

12. Empty videocassette case.

13. Empty cup of coffee.

14. Copy of Atkins diet book. Oh, wow. Make that two copies.

15. CD changer from the car I haven’t sold yet.

16. Stacks of diskettes. Some even labeled.

17. Something round, black, plastic and about 1-1/2” in diameter. Have no clue what it is.

18. Two staplers, one of which actually contains staples.

19. Scotch tape dispenser (including tape).

20. Three highlighters and two regular pens, one with ink.

21. About a dozen scratch pads. Flipping through them is like reading my diary. Mostly they contain notes on flights and hotels at various fantasy destinations.

22. Receipt from Home Depot for money I owe our shop foreman.

23. Two nearly empty diet soda cans.

24. Recipe for apple pudding cake. (And no, I’ve never made it but the picture looks yummy.)

25. This weeks’ shop payroll and time sheets.

26. Office Depot receipt and change for the petty cash I dispensed.

27. Desk calendar opened to July 13.

28. Ah, finally. Something of immense value. A Federal Express envelope with one front row ticket to see Luis Miguel at the Universal Amphitheater (birthday present to myself purchased on Ebay)

So there ya have it.

And that’s about two minutes of your life you’ll never get back.


Carol B. said...

I fell asleep about #12, but #9 is a webcam. :-D Yaaaaawwwwnnnn!


Annie Rayburn said...

Geez, I'm having the same problem over at my blog. I could describe what's on my desk, but that might take the rest of the year. Seriously. I have shelves. Loaded shelves. :-(