Monday, August 29, 2005

Space Aliens Have Invaded My Body...

At least, I hope they have. Either that, or I’m pregnant.

Did that get your attention? (Don’t worry. It’d have to be the longest gestation period in history...or the result of immaculate conception.)

So, sigh. It’s back to the gym. As much as I detest exercise of any kind. As much as it depresses me (nope, the miraculous endorphin rush eludes me). And as much as I’d rather spend my time writing.

Four times a week. Minimum.

That’s what it’s gonna have to be. ‘Cuz for whatever reason, dieting sure as hell ain’t working, and I wanna look in the mirror and see myself again. Not that space alien.


Anonymous said...

I think you are beautiful at any size!!!!

randy said...

Okay...which of my anonymous friends left this comment? Whoever it was, you're my BEST friend. For life. Period.