Saturday, August 27, 2005

He Said, She Thought

What he said: You’re so beautiful.

What I thought: You’d score a lot more points by complimenting my brain.

What he said: You look sexy when you smoke.

What I thought: Who am I, Betty Davis in an old movie?

What he said: I split up with my wife of seventeen years two months ago.

What I thought: Funny. How come I’ve been seeing you in here for the past three years?

What he said: I think we’re both attracted to each other. We should go out some time.

What I thought: You’re 6’8; you’d probably smother me in bed.

What he said: No, really. You’re so sexy when you smoke.

What I thought: Like I’m gonna fall for that line from a nonsmoker?

What he said: I’m so glad we met.

What I thought: We’ve met before. You just don’t remember (and by the way, who gave you permission to touch me?).

What he said: Why don’t you give me your phone number.

What I thought: Guess I’ll be screening my calls tomorrow.


John said...

As a non-smoker, never smoked even one, I cannot recall ever thinking anyone looked sexy smoking. Mostly, I thought they looked stupid. Some of my best friends smoke, but they also know what I think of smoking. That they can be friends says a lot for both of us in the toleration area.

Charity said...

LOL!! That is the reason when I was dating I memorized the number to a mortuary or some other place like that! I didn't have to worry about my pager or phone ringing.

And it amused me all the next day wondering how many times he called the sperm donation place before he realized I gave him a bogus number!

randy said...

OMG, Charity...that's soooo funny! You're a courageous girl! The trouble with giving out a phony number is that I tend to run into people more than once. Eeek. I'd hate to have to explain. And, to tell you the truth, I only give out my phone number when I really expect to make a "connection." The trouble is, I always change my mind the next day. I'm such a chicken-sh*t

Charity said...

Yeah the day after part sucks! I am mean I know, but when I tell a guy I don't give out my number...they should leave it at that! So I figure they got what they deserved!

Rock on lady!!