Friday, August 19, 2005

Guilty Pleasures

Ah, Friday. The last day of the weekly grind.

At Bemco, (where I work) the day is just beginning. The mud disguised as coffee is brewing, the computers are humming to life, and at the flick of a switch, cool air is beginning to spew through the overhead vents. Out in the factory, the press brake makes a ba-boom noise as it bends its first piece of sheet metal.

Employees wander in, one at a time, and rehash the overnight news and the latest episode of Big Brother.

Only one thing is missing.


I’m home getting ready for Palm Springs!

If anything blogworthy happens (and how could it NOT) I’ll check in. Otherwise, see y’all Monday!

1 comment:

Carol B. said...

Cute post. Something blogworthy always happens to you, Randy.

Have fun!