Monday, January 16, 2006

Google Glitch

I love Google (couldn’t live without it) but, um, guys? Gotta small problem to report.

See, like any other narcissist, I Google myself on occasion. Today I did it because last night my dad asked me how I “got my name in Google.” I related my understanding of how it works—how I didn’t do ANYTHING to get my name in Google. (Meanwhile, once again, I wondered if he’d discovered my blog.)

Anyway, so I type in my name and the usual stuff comes up. Some quotes in a couple of on-line articles…a contest final…yada, yada.

But, wait. Something new.

Something about a boy…a virgin…huh?? I click and…

It leads straight to an ad for porn.

Peachy. This is the kinda thing you really want to show up when you Google yourself.

Or your dad does.

My guess is that some enterprising tech geek has tapped into a bunch of us romance writers who have our blogs listed at romancingtheblog.

Lucky us.

Google, are you listening?

1 comment:

John said...

Googling you does lead to this blog. So, anyone who can spell your last name can find you.