Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year's 2005

Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

First clue: blackjack dealers at the Rio dressed like Victoria Secret Models complete with bikini tops and butt floss (I’m SO not kidding).

Ah, Viva Las Vegas! The skin capital of the world! Where jackets are superfluous ‘cuz they keep the temperature hot, hot, hot in order to show more skin, skin, skin!

I confess my initial reluctance at spending New Year’s in a town that draws 300,000 people for the holiday, but guess what? I’d do it all again and probably will.

Here’s a glimpse of why:

Welcome to Las Vegas Moment: Cathi wins $60 at the airport before we even collect our luggage

Best Feature of Hotel Room: An entire wall of floor-to-ceiling windows with an incredible view of the mountains

Other Best Feature of Hotel Room: Unbelievably comfortable beds with the softest sheets imaginable

Was-I-In-The-Right-Place-At-The-Right-Time-Or-What Moment: Getting pulled out of line (as I’m waiting to meet Dodi and Cathi at the Voodoo Lounge) by a Diamond Status member who whisks me to the front saying, “you shouldn’t be standing in line alone” then getting to forego the $20 cover when his status gets us in free

Magical Moment: Standing on the terrace of the Voodoo Lounge overlooking the glittering Strip from 51 floors up and realizing it might be worth trying to find a guy to share this with in the future

Most Expensive Meal: Ann’s $72 lobster at The Palm, New Year’s Eve.

Least Expensive Meal: The patty melt Ann and I shared after watching a report on CNN about how the portion sizes of American meals have increased 60% since the 60’s leading to our country’s obesity crisis

Favorite Overheard Quote on New Year’s Eve: “He wasn’t good looking, but did I kiss him, or what?

Favorite Celebrity Sighting: Nicki Hilton, hosting a $200 per ticket party at Caesar’s nightclub Pure, turning her back on the crowd to count down the New Year with us, the poor schleps standing below her, just outside the casino door

Most Millenium-like Moment: Watching in awe as hotels along the strip put on a synchronized fireworks extravaganza

Most Touching Moment: Tears streaming down Dodi’s face during the fireworks

Pop Culture Moment: Noticing everyone on their cell phones calling loved ones shortly after midnight

Harrowing Moment: Finding ourselves in the middle of the melee on the Strip, trying to make our way to transportation

Exhilarating Moment: Finding ourselves in the middle of the melee on the Strip, trying to make our way to transportation amidst thousands of jubilant people

Gleeful Moment: When (after slogging along for a mile in 3-inch heels, trying to reach streets open to traffic) Ann solicits a stranger in a civilian car to take us back to the Rio for $30. (Thanks, Ivan—we’re indebted to you forever!)

Frustrating Moment: The two hours Cathi and Dodi spent waiting for a taxi back at Caesar’s

Favorite Gambling Moment: Sandy’s $500 jackpot at Wheel of Fortune

Most Intrusive Reminder of the Outside World: Bomb sniffing dogs checking each and every car that arrived at the Wynn

Most Memorable New Word: “Cocktress!”

Final Stroke Of Good Luck Not Having To Do With Wagering Money: Hearing my name called on the stand-by list for the 2:00 flight, then learning later that my 3:30 flight got delayed until 7 p.m.!

Final Stroke of Good Luck Having To Do With Wagering Money: Getting home and realizing that all in all, considering $100 meals, $20 breakfasts, $10 cocktails, $20 cabs, $30 airport parking, and gambling for four days, I'm only out $300

Woo Frickin’ Hoo and Happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Randy, way to go.

Putting that on my to-do-before-50 list.

Thanks for the tip!