Monday, May 15, 2006

Books, Books, Everywhere Books

So, I’m eating my Lean Cuisine (some sort of rotini with fake ham in a heart-attack sauce) and watching Deal Or No Deal (a REAL tear-jerker tonight) and I notice five, count ‘em five, books within a three foot radius. Two are on the sofa; three are on the coffee table. ALL of ‘em are splayed open, spines pointed to the ceiling. In other words, I’m reading all five at the same time.

Is this a sign of reader schizophrenia?

Okay, granted. One or two of them are close to the “never gonna finish” category. Those are the ones that sit around for months until I realize the commitment just isn’t there. Time to break up and move on (besides, my maid must be wondering why the damn thing hasn’t budged in half a year).

The others…well, you start a book upstairs, forget to bring it downstairs, so you start another one. Then you REMEMBER to bring that one downstairs, and well, you know…rinse, lather, and repeat.

Right? Doesn’t everyone do this? Like you’ve got one book next to the bathtub, one on the kitchen table, one in the living room…

Do you suppose they all get up and dance in the middle of the night? Switch places maybe?

Uh-oh. I sense a Rod Serling kinda nightmare coming on.

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John said...

I have 28 books within ten feet of me and not in bookshelves. Three reference,two dictionaries, one Bible. Of the 22 books left, I have started all of them and finished one. That doesn't count my two books, which fall in the reference, already read (duh) and don't have a home anyway. Also my book box (copies to give away, sell, trade) eight more. So 38 books laying around. Half of them have not moved in a year. Five of them have not moved in this century. So, you are way behind, or not.