Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ya Learn Something New Every Day...

So, I’m in the aisle at Pavilions where they stock all the pain relievers. Geez, are there enough? I mean, how many ways can you package Tylenol and Alleve? And, by the way, which one is better?

On Thursday, the crown (and we're not talkin' tiaras) I got a couple weeks ago started misbehaving. Don’t know what happened exactly, except that I was in the middle of a perfectly nice salad Wednesday night, when I felt an ouch. By Thursday, it was a big ouch.

My sister-in-law gave me some Alleve which I quickly decided was one of the most wonderful drugs in the world. She offered the whole bottle to me but (who knew I was such an optomist?) I turned her down. I’ll pick some up if I need it, I told her. Well, being the MOM she is, she put six more in an envelope, sealed it, marked it “Alleve,” and gave it to me.

Thanks, Polly!

By Saturday, I was off to the market for more.

So, like I say, I’m in the aisle at Pavilions, trying to decide between Alleve and Tylenol (I ended up getting both) when I notice a little sign jutting out from the crowd. Instead of saying something like “buy one, get one free” it says: "Caution: Videotaping in progress." Huh? I look closer and sure enough. There’s a small hole to the side of the display, behind which must be a camera.

Of course, my first reaction is dismay as I’m not dressed for the occasion. Yes, I’ve got make-up on (don’t leave home without it) but I forgot lipstick and, damn, I just put my glasses on to read the labels. Is it too late to surreptitiously remove them?

‘Cuz see, I’m thinking either of two things: 1) some research group studying shopping behavior is gonna see this, or 2) I’m gonna end up in some commercial in Japan. (Japan, because I think they’d need a release form from me, otherwise.)

At the checkout stand, I decide to inquire about the videotaping.

Boy do I feel dumb when I hear the answer.

It’s to prevent tampering. Duh. Guess I forgot for a moment what kind of world we live in.

Too bad we don’t also live in a world with 24-hour dentists.


Marty said...

Alleve is best. Long lasting (usually 8 hrs). Ready for your cruise? You hear from Scotee?

Babs in the desert said...

You never fail to amuse me!!!
Babs in the Desert