Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Here I Am! Over Here! {Waves Hand}

Women my age remember it clearly as the day one of life’s options ended.

That was the day we learned Paul McCartney (a.ka. “The Cute Beatle”) planned to wed Linda Eastman. Hell, I was so young at the time, I still believed in FOREVER…as in, once you got married, you were off the block until you died.

Well, sadly, Linda DID die. And that’s what it took to put Paul back in the dating pool. By this time, I was old enough (mature enough? well, maybe not) to realize that despite his availability, my chances of meeting, let alone marrying Paul, were pretty nonexistent. Yep, one of life’s sad lessons.

So I didn’t really begrudge him Heather. Even though she might have made a better sister to his kids than a stepmom. He deserved to be happy and if Heather fit the bill, so be it.

Then the sad news today. The when-I’m-sixty-four-year-old ex-Beatle and the model cum activist have separated. Two versions of WHY are circulating: 1) media intrusion took its toll (and to that, I say: HUH? When HASN’T the media intruded on Paul’s life over the past…oh…forty plus years); and 2) Paul’s kids drove them apart (and to that, I say: Were they worried about their cut of Pop’s 1.5 billion dollar fortune?)

I’m tempted to end with a Beatles' title parody, but that would be cheesy.

Y’know, like: She Loves You, No, No, No

Okay, so I caved.

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MartyB said...

I was thinking you could throw your hat into the ring and go after Paul. Songs to serenade him...."Cause I'm Easy" ..."Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady", or "Stroke Me.."
Your pick.