Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'm Baaaaack From Vacation...

...but don't think you'll get a full report on the cruise. Yet.

1. Came down with a cold on the last day.
2. Gasped for air during the entire 5-hour flight from Miami.
3. Got home with a 102 degree temp.
4. Found out I had to report for duty on Memorial Day (the day I so CAREFULLY planned for R&R) to (long story short) help sort through and box up a load of family crap in a mice-infested pro-shop (told ya it was a long story).
5. Had a tooth pulled today.

Any more questions?

By the way, I'll be uploading a new profile picture...which is a good thing because ever since I got this new monitor, my original picture looks like I have spinach stuck in my teeth. Trust me, I don't. Does it look that way on anyone else's monitor? If so, why didn't you say anything??? Bastards.


John said...

Now that you mentioned it, you do look like you have something stuck in your teath, or are chewing on a very short cigar.

Welcome back, blogging queen.

Babs in the desert said...

I don't see any spinach!!! As a good friend, I definitely would have mentioned it to you!!

Brooke said...

Nope...I never saw anything either..cuz you know me! I would have certainly said something. I would have NEVER let such a fun opportunity slide by! So you can rest easy.

But! The new pic is great!

Welcome Home! You were missed.