Tuesday, May 02, 2006

School Daze

L to R: Juli, Debi, Randy, and Martha
Four girls get together after...gulp...47 years to see wazzup. Seriously. We met in Miss Keefe's 1958 Kindergarten class. Here we can be seen comparing double chins, debating menopause remedies, and offering up guesses as to where our lives went wrong. I think, at least for Juli and Debi, it all started when they lost the 'e' in their names.


Debi said...

Note from Debi. In defense of the outfit, it was a "Slumber Party"! Anyway, I was comfortable, and believe we should do this again next year with our entire group. I highly recommend it for all ages. Good Times.

John said...

That's Randy as in you, right?