Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I Know It's Cheating, but...

...it's so much easier (and quicker!) to post photos instead of the usual fascinating prose. (And since I've decided to declare this a Brittney-free zone, I'm really at a loss.) Okay, first of all...when did I get to be the Amazon of the family, huh? That's sister-in-law Susan on the left, then Annie, then Pat's wife Sandy, and...er...some really tall person (and at 5'3-3/4", that tells you how teensy the others are). Second picture is step-bro Mike, Daddy, and Susan.

How cool is this flower arrangement?? And, YES...that IS a flower in the center, not a feather. Don't ask me the name of it...cuz...y'all know I'm horticulturally challenged.

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Carol B. said...

Hey, Randy, I believe you have two varieties of bromeliad and the tall spear thing I'm pretty sure is a kind of...oh, shoot can't remember...ginger? Yeah, I think that's it. :)