Thursday, January 24, 2008

Musings For A Rainy Morning

My mind wanders while watching television. A lot.

Last night, a commercial came on where the characters were riding bicycles (probably to show how well Alleve works for their arthritic pain or something), and I realized I hadn't been on a bike in years.

Then the electrifying thought: maybe I'll never be on one again.

Which led many things have I already done for the last time without even knowing it?

Hopscotch quickly came to mind. I mean, what are the odds I'll ever play that again? I may not know the when, but I do know the where the final event would have occurred--on Diane's blacktop between her lawn and her horse corral. At one end sat a tether ball (never liked tether ball--couldn't care less when that last time happened) and at the other, a permanent (as in painted) grid for hopscotch. I can still picture my six-year-old self, leaning as far as I dared, to land my chain (or rock, or whatever else was handy as a marker) in the appropriate spot. Neither chilly afternoons nor encroaching darkness lured us away.

But something did, for eventually we stopped playing Hopscotch.

Now a feeling of wistfulness washes over me--sadness that in that last moment I hop hop hopped my way to the finish, I didn't even know it was time to bid farewell.

Makes me wanna run out and chalk up a sidewalk. Maybe play another game of Hopscotch to prove there are no last times. Ever.

Take that, Life.

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