Thursday, January 31, 2008

Way To Go--Keep Me Honest

Since I know y'all are DYING to hear...the answer's a resounding YES! ! ! I've been to the gym THREE TIMES this week! And you know what struck me about it today? This is the first time in FOREVER that a PLANNED VACATION isn't at the goal line. But I can't figure out why I haven't lost fifteen pounds yet...y'know? I mean, come on. Three times in one week. It happens all the time on The Biggest Loser.

(Uh-oh. We interrupt this blog to report disheartening news: Marty just called with an enticing invitation to meet him and Ann at Monty's Steakhouse. Oops--bye-bye step class. See? I totally BLEW IT OFF without a thought--so much for determination.)

Wait, dammit. See paragraph one. I've already worked out THREE TIMES this week. I DESERVE a night out!

P.S. Today's blog was going to be about something else but Blogger ate it, chewed it up, and spit it out. BAD Blogger. :(


Carol B. said...

Yay, Randy!!!

I probably should tell you this, but the DH isn't coming home until tomorrow night now. Hair looks great though. My new stylist did a great job.

As for that treadmill, stay tuned...

Reagan said...

Oh, balance is good! You don't want to turn into an anti-social gymrat. But kudos on your dedication! I'm so happy for you!