Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year's Continued...

Now that New Year's is but a dim memory, it seems silly to recap the weekend, but I promised, so...

Let's see...where were we? Oh, yes. Randi and I arrived at the Wyndham Saturday afternoon...and promptly found our way to the Spa Casino where the highlight was a straight flush at 3-card poker. There, we also hooked up with Randi's old friend Jim who joined us for dinner at Las Casuelas. Afterward, we walked back to our room, Randi gave Jim a ride home, and I...fell asleep. At nine o'clock. (Yeah, I was proud, too.) Our first night in Palm Springs and I only gambled a couple hours and was in bed by nine. What a way to ring out the old year.

Sunday was better.

In need of new scenery, we drove to the Agua Caliente Casino where later we were joined by (who else?) the West Coast M & A's. As a bonus, our old friend Barbara (an occasional commenter here known as "Babs in the Desert") showed up for more fun and frivolity. Somehow we wangled a table at Agua Caliente's steakhouse restaurant where much reminiscing and laughter took place, think...yeah, I'm pretty sure...we went back to the Spa for more gambling. That's where I hit my first four-deuces. I think.

Monday began at Sherman's Deli, a famous "must" for breakfast in Palm Springs, then a brief walk to the now-familiar site of the Spa Casino. Within a few short minutes, I hit my SECOND four-deuces. Felt weird to get lucky so early in the morning (and yes, the only kinda lucky I get is the gambling lucky, so get your mind out of the gutter). After that, things get a little hazy, but apparently, we spent the entire day there then rushed over to Agua Caliente to settle in for pre-New Years Eve gambling.

Which bring us to...where I was when the clock struck midnight. So sad. I was losing, losing, losing (yes, see...I DO admit there are times the Gambling Gods don't smile on me). Marty, Ann, and I were at some weird form of Texas Hold 'em table and I was SUCKING big time. And sooooo ready to get out of that casino. Anyway, the countdown went off, I'm pretty sure Marty and Ann kissed, and I folded with a three-seven unsuited.

Woo f*ing hoo.


Actually, it was okay. We had a blast anyway. And Marty didn't even put up a fuss when Ann and I begged him to take us back to the hotel.

(And so, for the record, I was in bed by quarter to one on New Years. Not a bad start for 2008, huh?)

The next day, Randi and I didn't waste any time getting out of town which turned out to be a good call since Marty and Ann got stuck in some godawful traffic jam only an hour later.

When I got home, I checked my year-end account with Harrah's...and let's just say THANK GOD for that jackpot in New Orleans!

Oh, well...if you know me at all, you know it's not about the gambling. Sorta like people who take golf's not about the golf. Okay, I suppose it IS about the golf, but you get my drift, right? If it weren't for gambling, I'd have never seen Lincoln City, Oregon...or Biloxi, Mississippi...or...what's next, Marty??

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Anonymous said...

Hi Randy - Loved spending time with you here in "the desert"!! You are a RAY OF SUNSHINE!
Babs in the Desert