Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just Livin' Life

To celebrate Marty's birthday last night, Ann came up with the bright idea of dining at Morton's in Woodland Hills. Now, I'd heard of this famous restaurant, but didn't know there was one within driving distance, and it turns out it hasn't been there for long. Opened in December and the smell of fresh paint competed with the scent of sizzling steaks.

A class act, that Morton's. First up, the menus. I didn't get it when Marty commented on them. Still didn't get it when he commented again. (I'm thinking, okay...they're paper, so what?) Then I looked again. Printed across the top: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTY! ! !

How COOL is that?

Next, the waitress arrived with her dog and pony show which consisted of a five minute spiel describing (and showing!) first, the various cuts of meat, second the vegetables...and last, but not least, the size of the lobster.

As she lifted it, Ann and I exchanged horrified glances. Is that thing MOVING?? Oh, yes it was. Sadly, as much as we both like lobster, we couldn't bring ourselves to utter the words that would amount to the little feller's death sentence. (And, I wondered how we'd have all felt if they'd paraded Bossie, the Cow through the dining room, too.)

Anyway, I ended up with my new system (detailed elsewhere on this blog). I shared a salad with Ann, then gobbled up garlic mashed potatoes (a HUGE portion, by the way), and two humongous clumps of broccoli.


Afterward, rumor had it that some of our cohorts were partaking in adult beverages at a place called The Sugar Mill, and since we were in the neighborhood, we ambled on over.

Oh. My. God. Could there be anything more depressing than a roomful of seventy and eighty year old alcoholics singin' along to the oldies? I quickly remembered why I never go there. Eek. I'm still shuddering.

So by now you're thinking the Marty celebration is over, right? Wrong. It continues this weekend, and if you're predicting a gambling journey, wrong again.


We're going to............................(wait for it).......................okay, all together now................


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