Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How Cool Is This?

Okay, I realize this blog is s'posed to be about my journey to publication, but...well...y'know, sometimes that topic gets to be a snooze (even to me).

So...ever-the-harbinger-of-positive-cultural-trends, today I point you toward this fascinating phenomenon (courtesy of the L.A. Times): "Women-Only Buses Make Welcome Detour Around Unwanted Attentions."

Yeah, tell me about it. I had to blink.

I mean, what a concept, and here's how it works: First, we're talking Mexico City--a public transit system consisting of subways, buses and privately owned vans called micros. Subways already have areas restricted to women, children, and the elderly, but (up until now), not the buses. Too impractical.

So it turns out women were constantly getting groped and harassed. (Gee, there's a surprise.) But then apparently some forward thinking individual had the audacity to get approval for ENTIRE buses dedicated to women only. Can you imagine? This must be HEAVEN! (Not that I've been on a bus in...oh...shall we say decades? Still...)

Better yet, this phenomenon is not isolated to Mexico! Nope. They're following in the footsteps of Toyko, Rio de Janeiro and Cairo.

What an enlightened world we live in.

'Course it'd be even nicer if men could keep their hands to themselves.

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