Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shh--Don't Tell

Everywhere I turn (well, every where I turn on the Internet), bloggers with advice for aspiring authors say over and over: BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WRITE ON YOUR BLOG.

I hate that. I hate having to censor myself.

DON'T write about politics. DON'T write about religion. But above all else, DON'T write stuff like hey, got my fiftieth rejection on Manuscript A from that bitch, Agent B.

Well, duh. That's just plain stupid. But, still. It' hard to know where to draw the line. Say, for instance, I've submitted a partial to Agent C, and she decides to check me out via my blog. Hypothetically speaking, a litany of rejections posted here might give her pause. (Hey Agent C--if you're reading this, please note I said hypothetically speaking!!) But again, where do you draw the line?

Sadly, sharing good news can be dangerous too because unanticipated jealousy can rear its ugly head.

Which makes keeping this blog a little tough sometimes.

Suffice to say, lately there's been writing news both good and bad.

How's that for being blogitically correct? (Oooh--I just coined a new term! Remember, you read it here, first!)


John said...

How do you pronounce blogitically?

Blog i tic al ly?
Blog it ic(k) al ly?
Blog i ti cal ly?

I like the third the best.

Reagan said...

Brilliant phrase- that's gotta catch on!!