Monday, March 10, 2008

Title-Free Zone (Updated)

The great title search is driving me to drink. (Okay, I confess--I didn't really need an excuse.) But while I squander what few brain cells remain, I'm resorting to photos for blog fodder. (Hm. Blog fodder--a possible title??? Yeah, it's an occupational hazard.) Anyway, here's Blogreader Joe with granddaughter Kayla and grandson Luke at the traditional "take the new grandoffspring to meet the Mariachis" event. (No, really? Your family doesn't celebrate that tradition? Go figure.)

Oh, fine. Blogger is PMS'ing and won't upload photos.

Check back in awhile...

Whew...Blogger got over whatever was ailing him (yes, I picture Blogger as a HIM). And, no that's not a typo on Luke's bib...he's already a huge fan of Duke University's basketball team. (Just goes to show how much infants know!! No doubt as he matures he'll see the light and switch his affections to the UCLA Bruins.)

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