Monday, March 24, 2008

The Plan--Amended*

As punishment for not hitting the gym tonight (yes, faithful readers, we're into Month 3, and I'm keeping a pretty regular schedule--not that I have much to show for it), I'm gonna divide activities undertaken for the next couple of hours into two categories: writing and cleaning my closet. I know it's a Monday--hardly the day of the week normal people choose to Spring clean, but then we all know I'm not too normal, don't we?

So the plan is to write a page, clean the closet, write a page, clean the closet. (Haven't figured out yet how long each cleaning stint should be--guess until my back aches. Oh, wait. I already feel the pain coming on. Maybe I should stick to writing.)


I. Will. Clean. My. Closet.


If I can't keep a promise to my blog, who CAN I keep it to?

And, hm...the longer I make this post, the more time I can waste instead of cleaning...oh, I go.........

*Amended to incorporate unanticipated boredom with cleaning closet. So, here's the new plan. I want y'all to lean up real close to your computer monitors and yell, "It's clean enough!"

There! I heard you! All righty, then! If you's back to writing for me! (Doncha just LOVE a successful collaboration?)

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