Monday, March 31, 2008

Been Slogging Lately

That's blog tech-talk for slackin' off on the old blog.

I don't know what's wrong. Either my life's going through a lull, my writing's going through a lull, or (see last post), I'm letting "fear of blogging" edit my material.

Hey, so let's throw caution to the winds, shall we?

Things I thought twice about sharing:

Had my face injected with Juviderme a couple weeks ago. Nice difference! Not-so-nice price! And yes, we discussed the eventual face-lift (and associated eye stuff). Got the estimate and everything. Now, all I have to do is schedule it for a time at which I will have quit smoking two weeks before.


I'm beginning to think I wasn't as vain as I thought. (Interpret that however you wish.)

Second, I got my scores back from a contest I entered. Blah. Got some perfect 5's, and a 3 and a 2. Ack. Never gotten a 2 before. But I understand. Some people detest anything that smells of chick lit, and guess what? Leftovers reeks. But, um...that's why I didn't enter it in a traditional romance category--didn't she notice??

Third, I sold another story to True Romance. I hesitated to relate the circumstances, but what the hell...the cool thing is that I finished it on a Tuesday night and on Wednesday morning I got an email from the editor saying they were struggling with the June issue and although I'm already in the June issue, did I have anything else "lying around?" Long story short (ha--there's kind of a pun there), they bought the one I had "lying around." I was flattered to be asked.

Lastly, I'm going to Phoenix this weekend for the Desert Rose Chapter bi-annual conference. Yippee!! A day off work...a desert setting...lots of buddies I haven't seen since Dallas last year...what could be better?? Oh, and of course that nasty editor appointment I have. Let's not even think about it until it happens, okay? Otherwise, I'll start sweating.

Nothing else new in Randyland except the Senor, Senora, and I went on a gambling run on Saturday. Let's just say an excellent time was had by all...!

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John said...

This is America, the land of free speech. Don't let anyone take that away from you by you having to be blogitically correct. You put your heart into this and we who don't have your guts appreciate that you do.

And speaking of heart, quitting the puffa puffa two weeks before and the rest of your life after will make your heart happy and give us all more years of your excellent blogiticing.