Monday, April 28, 2008

As I Was Saying...

..."take us somewhere interesting, Manuel."

So this is where we ended up. He called it Boca but there are lots of Bocas in Latin fact, just about every time a ribbon of water trickles down from the mountains into the sea, you get yourself a boca 'cuz it means 'mouth.' So although several boca de somethings dot the coast of Mexico, I'm pretty sure this one was Boca de Tomatlan. From the photos, the day looks gloomy but that's not the way I remember it. Maybe I did something wonky to the camera? Good possibility.

Anyway, this sleepy little cove had such a cool vibe. I could have stayed for hours, sipping on cervezas...watching the boats buzz in and out. No giant hotels nearby. No warren of hillside condos. Just tourists going to Yelapa or Las Animas by boat because, hey--that's the only way to get there since the road turns inland here. (Note to future self: this is a far better idea than those overcrowded tour boats departing from the marina that take hours to get anywhere.)

Alas, it came time to vacate this peaceful scene. On the way back through town, I convinced my traveling partners to stop at my favorite bar in the whole world--El Nido--but a CLOSED sign blocked the entrance...which I'm still pondering since said sign also blocked the entrance to the restaurant and hotel the bar sits on top of. How could the hotel be closed?

Oh, well. Probably for the best--even though we missed a killer sunset. Reluctantly, we allowed Manuel to head "for home" and in return for a fabulous (not to mention SAFE) day, we provided a MAJOR tip and bonus.

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