Friday, April 04, 2008

Cross Pollinating

Minutes before leaving my office to catch a plane to Phoenix yesterday, I got the casino alert in, Marty phoned to inform me of gambling opportunities in the desert. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I told him. You don't understand writing conferences. Free time is spent stalking agents and editors at the bar.

So, I arrived last night and did just that--only, my friends and I were apparently the sole early conference arrivals. Soon, Elizabeth drove off for a late date (go figure!), and Jax and Beverley had other things to do.

Well, shoot. It was only nine o'clock. Too early for bed! What are two lonely girls in Phoenix to do?

Right. Off to the casino.

Did the fact that the taxi fare was $30 one way daunt us? Hell, no.

So, we got there and the slots were NOT being kind. No bonuses, no nothing. I just kept feeding in the twenties. I hate this casino, I thought to myself...when, all of a sudden, I look...what the hell is this? Without so much as a ding or a bell, some sort of jackpot appeared. I looked at the credits in my account and couldn't figure out where to put the decimal point. (This is how bright I am--I was playing a penny machine and couldn't figure out how much I'd just won.) I studied it some more. Certainly it was at least a hundred dollars, but that didn't make sense, cuz if you move the decimal over....

Well, I had to cash out to confirm...

So here's my theory: I was using CHUMASH twenties...and isn't cross pollinating all about making things grow??

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