Monday, April 07, 2008

Clean-Up On Aisle Seven

Yes, that sound you heard on Saturday at 2:21p.m. was the sonic boom created by my heart as I realized during my editor pitch that she was NOT requesting my manuscript.

As documented here on previous occasions, for me, pitching is right up there with the one where I discover I've forgotten to wear clothes to my Algebra final.

But as everyone knows, you wake UP from nightmares, right?

Not this time.

I'm sure my head wobbled on my shoulders. I'm sure I got that panicked look in my eyes. No doubt my voice wavered.

And there were eight minutes left to get through without ending the appointment prematurely and looking like a TOTAL idiot.

In my defense, I didn't wither and die--I fought. Not well, mind you, but at least I tried to re-frame my pitch in a way that might change her mind.

Um, no.

Then I punted.

"What ARE you looking for?" I asked.

"Romantic mysteries."

Aha! My latest manuscript falls into that category. Mind racing to form a coherent pitch, I said, "I have one of those."

"But we have all the authors we need in that area, and we're not looking for more."

Oh. Didn't even get the premise out.

Managed to blah, blah, blah for a few minutes more, then DID end the appointment prematurely. I believe my succinct phrase was: "I guess we really have nothing more to talk about, do we?"

Arghghghghghghgh. NEVER. DOING. THIS. AGAIN.

Even signed something to that effect and gave it to Brooke for safe keeping.

Later, I learned I wasn't alone in failing to a get a manuscript request from this editor.

Not a HUGE consolation, but something.



John said...

Mulling over this for a couple of days. If she only wanted romantic mysteries, and wasn't taking any new writers, why was she setting you up for failure?

I know honesty isn't a great virtue in the writing industry, but she wasted your time.

So, don't give up. Hardly anyone makes it in the writing world when they try, but no one makes it who doesn't try.

Carol Burnside said...

Like I said on our private loop, her loss, for sure.