Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Heart Puerto Vallarta

Sigh. Is there anything more beautiful than a Mexican sunset from your dinner table next to the window at an open-air restaurant overlooking the ocean?

Methinks not!

But first, after checking in on Thursday, we made a stop the pool, acquainting ourselves with people from Indiana, Ohio, and Minnesota. Oh, and with Omar, our bartender. Everything at the Villa Premiere was just as I remembered: the friendliest staff, the most attentive service, and guests about our age. Yep, not a screaming child within 300 yards because this hotel has an age minimum. (Bonus!)

For dinner that night, we walked into town over well-remembered cobblestone streets past bars with gyrating music and vendors hawking everything from woven bracelets to cheesy paper mache parrots. I felt right at home.

Establishing a tradition, we dined at a restaurant that had been our first choice three years ago: Las Palomas. While watching the sun set on the horizon, I regaled a group of obnoxious San Francisco yuppies about "the green flash." They obviously thought I was nuts, so it would've been real cool if in fact it had happened on this night, but nooooo. Not lucky enough for that. I've seen it, though. It exists. I hope they remember to google it per my instructions.

Anyway, we had an excellent dinner consisting think it was fish. Yeah, that'd be a good bet. Let's just say mucho de margaritas were also involved. In fact, after dinner, without further ado, we grabbed a cab back to the hotel (foregoing the earlier tradition of walking), and headed for the hotel bar to report in on the night's activities. (See, the Villa Premiere is all-inclusive optional, so some guests never stray from the premises (foolish people!), and we found in the past that they enjoy hearing of our extra-curricular activities, and this trip was no exception.) So we had a nightcap, chatted with new friends and made some even newer ones. (See fish tank photo)

Yeah, we called an early night--the better to attack the pool in the morning.

More tomorrow....

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